How is the
Czech Army
Let’s take a look!
The current military conflicts are forcing individual states to reassess their armies and technical equipment. The Czech Republic is no exception. How are we doing?
Chapter 1
How many soldiers
do we have?

The Army of the Czech Republic expands its ranks regularly.
At present, there are approximately

professional soldiers
soldiers in active reserve

The Ministry of Defense aims to increase the number of soldiers by almost 10,000 by 2030. But even if our troop numbers climb to 40,000, will it be enough?

North Korea

Considering the population, we have few soldiers

The country with the largest total military strength per capita is North Korea with 306.1 soldiers per 1,000 inhabitants. In second and third place are South Korea with 130.5 and Cuba with 110.9.

Worldwide, the average military strength per capita is around 13.4 per 1,000 inhabitants. In the Czech Republic it is only 2.5 soldiers per 1,000 inhabitants.

One for all,
all for one

These figures show that we are not doing well at all compared to our potential enemies. Fortunately, we are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In addition, three of the member countries have nuclear weapons. They are the USA, France and the United Kingdom.

How many soldiers does
NATO have at its disposal?





Did you know that
You can join the active reserves too if you are over 18? All you need is at least an education certificate and a clean criminal record. After that, you must pass a medical examination and a four-week course in Vyškov, where you will learn how to shoot and survive on the battlefield.

Women in the army

Women are an integral part of the military today. However, due to the physiological predispositions of men and women, there are differences in the testing of female candidates during the selection process and in the regular annual examinations. Women, for example, are not required to do push-ups. Women soldiers most often serve in the personnel, health or education sectors.

Among professional soldiers there are currently
13,7 % women

What are the physical test standards
for applicants under 30?

Men – 33
Women – 28
number of repetitions in one minute
Men – 19
men only, number of repetitions
in thirty seconds
long jump from a standing position
Men – 182 cm
Women – 144 cm
W170 indoor test on a treadmill 
Men – 1.80 W/kg
Women – 1.30 W/kg
performance at a heart rate of 170 beats/min

Quadruped soldiers

Dogs also have a vital role in the Czech Army. The requirements for a future service dog are very strict. Dogs designated for special scent work must not, for example, be aggressive towards strangers and dogs, and they must stop barking on command. They mainly look for explosives, weapons and drugs.

For future guard dogs, a full bite and natural aggression are important. Czech service dogs are also highly valued by our allies on foreign missions. German and Belgian Shepherds are the most suitable for service in the army.

...the President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces according to the Constitution of the Czech Republic? But his role is mostly symbolic. In reality, the command of the army is mainly the responsibility of the Chief of General Staff and the Minister of Defense. In the event of the incapacity of the head of state, the prime minister takes over as commander-in-chief.
What do we have in our arsenal?

The Czech Army has a wide range of military equipment. It includes infantry weapons, tanks, armored vehicles, guns, anti-aircraft and aviation equipment. Some weapon systems have even been used on foreign missions.

Now let’s take a look at the most important pieces in the arsenal of the Czech Army!
L-159A/B ALCA aircraft
These light combat aircraft can be armed with a wide range of weapons from conventional bombs to anti-surface and anti-aircraft missiles. The A version is designed primarily for air support of ground troops and reconnaissance, while the B version is primarily for follow-up and weapons training. The aircraft are currently in service with the 212th Tactical Squadron and the 213th Training Squadron.
JAS-39C/D Gripen aircraft
These are 12 single-seat JAS-39Cs and 2 two-seat JAS-39Ds, which serve with the 211th Tactical Squadron in Čáslav. These second-generation Gripen aircraft are equipped with Litening 4i tactical reconnaissance and data transmission equipment in addition to a wide range of AAM and ASM weapons. The basic armament of the aircraft is the Mauser Bk-27 cannon and AIM-120 and AIM-9 anti-aircraft missiles.
Pandur II CZ 8x8 vehicles
Amphibious modular armored vehicles capable of overcoming water obstacles by navigation without the need for additional means. They are characterized by high maneuverability, agility and clearance. A total of eight special-purpose modifications designed for different tasks are used by the Czech Army. The exclusive manufacturer and supplier of these vehicles is Tatra Defence Vehicle.
T-72M4 CZ tanks
A machine for destroying tanks, other armored targets and live enemy forces. It is one of the extensive upgrades of the older Soviet model T-72, which was also used by the Czechoslovak People's Army at one time. The Czech Army has three versions in its arsenal - the standard T-72M4CZ, the command T-72M4CZ-W and the recovery VT-72M4CZ. The T-72 tanks and their upgraded versions are still in service in dozens of armies and are probably the most widely used tanks today.

What do Czech soldiers shoot with?

This year, the Czech Army acquired new CZ Bren 2 PPS precision rifles, which are derived from the standard CZ Bren 2 assault rifle. The CZ Bren 2 weapon system ranks among the best in the world. Its advantages include extreme reliability, high accuracy, light weight and simple design.

Other key infantry weapons
in our arsenal

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 semi-automatic rifles
FM Minimi light machine guns
Did you know that...
the Czech Republic is one of the largest providers of military aid to the invaded Ukraine? Since the beginning of the conflict, we have donated more than CZK 3.8 billion worth of military material to Ukraine.

The light machine gun LK vz. 26 or ZB-26 is probably the most famous Czech weapon. For decades it was produced in many countries of the world. When did it become most famous?

during World War II

during the Vietnam War



Is the future of the Czech Army bright?

Debates about the state of our military are ubiquitous. There is a consensus, however, that we could not defend ourselves against large aggressor states with our own forces and alone. Not only do we have fewer soldiers compared to the large states, but also the modernization of our military equipment has been relatively slow in recent years. That is why it is very important that the Czech Republic is part of NATO.

The technical condition of the Czech Army is not ideal. What to do about it?

The Ministry of Defense is beginning to realize that war can come from out of the blue. That is why, in addition to increasing the number of soldiers, it is also planning significant armament and modernization. According to the spokesperson of the General Staff, investments worth around CZK 300 billion are planned to be made into the Czech Army in the next few years.

The plan includes:
F-35 fighter jets
The Czech Republic wants to acquire 24 new F-35 fighter aircraft. It wants to start negotiations with the US on the purchase worth billions. The army currently has 14 Gripen fighter jets. The F-35 Lightning aircraft are technologically more advanced and their main advantage is their long service life.
Leopard 2 tanks
After many years, the Czech Army should finally get modern tanks. The T-72M4CZ tanks do not meet the current requirements and are not compatible with NATO standards. This year the Germans gave us 14 Leopard 2A4 tanks and one recovery tank of the same type. The Minister of Defense has also announced that she will negotiate for the delivery of around 50 brand new Leopard 2A7+ tanks.
UH-1Y and AH-1Z helicopters
Next year, the Czech Army will receive its first AH-1Z Viper (Zulu) and UH-1Y Venom (Yankee) multi-purpose helicopters. Czech soldiers will get their hands on these high-tech machines which have taken part in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
CZK 2.7 billion
That's how much the Czech Republic will get
from the US to modernize its army.

Czechs will also participate in the modernization

Rapid rearmament to a satisfactory level is now more important than ever. The Czech holding Czechoslovak Group (CSG) will also be involved in many modernization projects.

It will supplement the armament of the Czech army for example by:
TITUS  armored vehicles
The vehicles are the result of cooperation between Tatra Defence Vehicle, Tatra Trucks, Retia and Nexter Systems, a French manufacturer of special defense equipment. TITUS armored vehicles represent a qualitative leap in the field of command, staff and communications vehicles.
self-propelled howitzers
The chassis will be manufactured by Tatra, the armored cabins by Tatra Defence Vehicle. The entire howitzers will then be assembled at Excalibur Army. The French Nexter will supply the technology and the weapon superstructure with the 155 mm cannon. The Caesar system has already been introduced in various forms into the armed forces of France, Denmark, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.
Spyder air defense systems
This modern missile system, produced by Israeli state-owned company Rafael, will replace the obsolete Soviet 2K12 Kub system. Retia will assemble the anti-aircraft systems on Tatra chassis, manufacture some components of the systems and integrate them into the command and control systems of the Czech Army.
Tatra Force 8x8 trucks
The Czech army will also grow by 209 heavy off-road Tatra Force trucks in 6x6 version and 80 trucks of the same type in 8x8 version with single-arm hook loaders for transporting containers. In previous years, Tatra Trucks has delivered hundreds of Tatra Force and Tatra Tactic vehicles to the Czech Army. Tatra Trucks make up more than 90% of the Czech Army's truck fleet.
How successful
are Czech arms manufacturers
in the world?

CSG supplies NATO

Companies of the Czechoslovak Group industrial-technological holding succeeded in the armies of NATO member countries.

Tatra Trucks

Together with DAF, Tatra Trucks and Tatra Defence Vehicle have received a large order from the Belgian Armed Forces for the supply and servicing of 888 DAF CF Military vehicles, which are derived from the Tatra Phoenix series. The first deliveries are taking place this year, with the last vehicles due to arrive in 2025. For Czech companies, this is a crucial reference project that will help further expansion into mature foreign markets.

In Germany, an order for 76 Force-series Tatra trucks for the German army's firefighters is being negotiated.


It produced a special mobile control room for the NATO AGS project. AGS (Alliance Ground Surveillance) is the main pillar of protection for Alliance soldiers on the battlefield. It is a network of ground-based sensors, powerful RQ-4D Global Hawk drones and control sites. It is capable of detecting and tracking static and moving targets on the ground.

CSG has a worldwide reputation!

Companies of the industrial-technological holding Czechoslovak Group supply their products all over the world.

RM-70 Vampire rocket launchers and DANA M2 artillery guns to Ukraine
Patriot armored vehicles to Asia
tank and artillery ammunition to NATO countries
airport radars to India and Slovakia
special portable
radars to USA
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